Your Partner for Software Development

Software development in organizations is usually embedded within a certain process environment or framework. The main target of the software development processes within that environment is to enhance and optimize quality and efficiency. Whether this intention leads to success or not strongly depends on how those processes are designed and implemented.

Requirement management, change managagement, test management, configuration management: All those disciplines need specific knowledge about how they need to be implemented. However, due their interdependency, additional knowledge about adjoining areas is required as well. But we all know that theory is only as useful as long as it can be put into practice. This interdependency of the disciplines results of course in an interdependent tool landscape as well which needs to be consistent to the processes for getting the most out of it (i.e. real enhancement of productivity or quality for instance).

argumentum provides both, the knowledge as well as the experience on processes, methods and tools in the field of software development. This applies for "traditional" (waterfall model like) projects as much as for "modern" practices like agile development for instance. And certainly also for commercial tools like those from IBM, Hewlett Packard, and others as well as for Open Source Tools.

We advise and we realize!

Support of our customers does not end with "giving good advices": If desired, we certainly accompany you from implementation through to operation as well by executing tasks within those disciplines (i.e. as configuration manager, test manager, etc.)

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