Configuration Management


Software configuration management sounds a bit like a boring and uninteresting administrational task. Although its target sounds simple, i.e. "maintain configurations", it is a very central and highly dynamic activity. Software "CM" is not just the manual maintenance of version lists, but rather the intelligent provisioning of various configurations of development states in different environments.


CM provides information about products, i.e. their states, their composition and what is implemented. In complex environments with plenty of parallel development streams - e.g. for product variants or development phases - simple version management is not enough. To fulfill the requirements of an efficient CM, not only the tools must fit but the processes as well!

argumentum has the required methodological expertise as well as the technical know how to realize your visions. Additionally, we offer technical trainings for tool administrators or for certification courses for configuration manager (e.g. iNTCCM Foundation Course).  


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