Requirement Management

Eventually, not all requirements for the final product are already known when an implementation is about to start. This might be in contradiction only on the first glance. Actually, it's not that surprising, that a new software product opens up new vistas which have not been thought about by the initiators in the first place. This leads to incomplete requirements which again might lead to uncertainties in software development and testing.

Many problems on requirements can be explained by the root causes mentionened above. However, the reasons for their appearance are mostly complicated and need to be considered within the context of the corresponding project. One important precondition for avoiding problems on requirements is how good traceable they are. This mainly affects the process of how requirements are managed, controlled and how changes are implemented. Exactly these tasks need efficient tool support and, for requirement management as well, have cross connections to other disciplines and, by that, need corresponding interfaces.

Integration in an overal tool landscape enables data and information exchange between requirement management and other user groups even cross over different development phases.

argumentum supports you in implementing an integrated tool chain starting with requirement management over change and configuration management up to test management.

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