Testing & Test Management

Typical and mainly requested services are:

  • Definition and execution of Performance or Functional Tests
  • Operation Maturity Tests, Performance-Monitoring
  • Code-Reviews
  • Security-/Penetration-Tests, as well as Simulation of DoS-Attacks etc.
  • Test-Automation (incl. tool support)
  • Testmanagement consulting

Usually it's quite a challenge to keep track of the different test approaches as well as to select and finally implement the appropriate test strategies. We can support you on those kind of tasks by:

  • defining and implementing test strategies as well as test methodologies and optionally defining the test cases as well
  • creating, designing and implementing test processes, test metrics and test automation
  • analysing how test scenarios and test cases can be configured in compliance with the software which is developed, i.e. how test and software configuration management can be integrated
  • demonstrating how detected defects can be managed and how fixed defects can be retested efficiently, i.e. how test and defect management can be integrated
  • designing a procedure for efficient test case creation
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