At present, one of the most popular open source software in software development - besides Eclipse - is the version management tool Subversion. As the successor of the widely spread but in the meantime out-dated Concurrent Version System (CVS), Subversion addresses a broad user base. Simple handling and good integration into the developers' working environment are two of the main reasons for its great popularity.

subversion logoOn the other hand, on closer inspection, it becomes quite quickly obvious, that Subversion also has a couple of deficiancies in comparison with commercial software as well as other open source tools. In contrast to recent open source software for version and/or configuration management like GIT, Mercury, Mercurial, etc., Subversion keeps a centralised version management with its pros and cons which needs to be considered quite properly.

argumentum has years of experience of operation, mainenance and support of Subversion in bigger companies. Besides the limits of Subversion, we do know a lot about what is feasible by using this tool. Take your profits from that within your own projects.

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