Testing & Test Management

The need and importance of software tests as a means of quality assurance in software development is a topic which has been written about a lot. However, finally it always results in the same question:


How can you carry out your test successfully?

Testing is meanwhile a quite established part of the software development process. But to be successful in testing your applications good preparation is an essential pre-condition. This starts with the proper analysis of what exactly needs to be tested. Escpecially for complex systems, the classification of test objects, is not always obvious. Additionally, also a clear understanding and definition about what is not going to be tested can be quite important. Then you need of course a plan about how you basically run your tests and when. "How" in this context means which test methods are used and which test process is applied: How will your tester distinguish between "bug or feature"? How will detected deviations be processed? Who will be informed and what are the escalation rules?

We assist you in establishing the topic of testing in your development process as well as integrating it with  involved (sub) processes like requirement management, software configuration management and change management.

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